Tuesday, June 14


DOOMSAYER 89-year-old Harold Camping was hospitalized last week because of a stroke. ~ link

HAS ALL THE ACID been leeched out of Franky Schaeffer? ~ Huff

...the misconception is that when you are presented with evidence to persuade you to change your mind you do. The reality is that when you hold firmly to something and are presented with evidence to the contrary you are more likely to dig in your heels and assume you're right and the counter-evidence must be wrong. ~ link (via)
"ARIZONA couple renting out backyard in order to pay bills" -- Creative. ~ link

SPOTTED IN LAVEEN yesterday -- two men in white shirts and ties. Not missionaries -- just a couple of lost suits in a rental car. Noteworthy.

"WOULD A MORMON presidency fuel the growth of Mormonism?" Has the presidency ever fueled the growth of a denomination or sect? If anything, it seems that the divisive nature of the presidency in the US is more likely to have a negative impact on the president's church -- if he flies that flag very high. ~ link

SUPER 8 was not at all what I expected. I was anticipating more a mystery than a Transformers-style thriller -- not that it lacks mystery. I really enjoyed it. (Do stay for the credits.)

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