Monday, June 20


THE GOVERNOR of Guam is pushing for a vote on self-detrmination in the next general election. He is right, of course. But the devil is in the details. Which selves get to make the self-determination? Which option is the most fair to the most number of people? ~ link

THE WILD GOOSE is honking back. ~ USA Today

AT 40 YEARS -- the history of email graphic ~ link

RITZ Toasted Chips are pretty addictive.

THERE ARE AN incredible number of free Kindle titles available right now -- including works by Martin Luther and Alexander Maclaren. Even the The Velveteen Rabbitis free. And you don't need an official Kindle reader to use them. There are free Kindle reader appsfor PC, Mac, iPod, iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, Bluebery...

THIS YEAR, for the first time there were more searches for information about Father's Day than Mother's Day. What's that about? ~ link

"OFFERING TEMPORARY tax breaks to cut down permanent ones could be a way to 'bribe' taxpayers to give up tax breaks." ~ CSM

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