Monday, August 6


~ Greg Loveless has posted Minnesota bridge pictures that were sent to him by someone who lives near the disaster site. These are striking and dramatic pictures -- each telling a story.

~ The Navy is on the way to Minnesota.
~ Linux loaded ThinkPads on the way to consumers.

~ Conciliar Press, a department of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, and Ancient Faith Radio, an Orthodox online streaming radio station have merged. Conciliar publishes Again magazine and several titles a year.

~ The six Southern Baptist seminaries have a joint distance education program for people who want to pick up undergrad unit/credits in Bible and theology. Inexpensive.

~ I finished up the class time for my world religions class tonight. Students still have papers, homework, quizzes, and the final to finish up. I'm glad I'm not them! Although I have to grade all that stuff -- eekkk.

~ Continental is increasing the number of Guam-to-Australia flights. Yeeesss, says the man accumulating OnePass miles with every MasterCard purchase. Australia is in our zone.

~ TMI, but still worth a bookmark -- the Google Cheat Sheet (via)

~ The Farnsworths and Melissa Heck arrive tomorrow. Both Hollie Schaub and Christel Wood showed up at PIBC today. It's so much more fun when staff is around. It's even more fun when the students arrive.

~ "GWA says outages possible throughout island this week" This is news? It would be if it read "GWA says outages very unlikely anywhere on the island this week."

~ The local Toyota dealer promises "free" laptops and "free" weekend getaways at a Guam resort -- with the purchase of a new vehicle. But I've talked with people who have declined the freebies and received significant reductions on the cost of their new cars. So, is it honest to advertise that something is free if the cost is really just rolled into the price of the vehicle? Guam has a problem with transparency on so many levels.

~ Transparent street signs -- reminds me of the church which bought a pull down screen that covered the old cross in the front of the sanctuary so they could project images of a cross.

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The Mr. said...

When did you visit my church? Otherwise, how did you know where our screen is and what we project on it?