Tuesday, August 7


~ The Haggard School of Theology at Azusa Pacific University is starting an Anglican studies program. Sounds like a good partnership.

~ Packard Bell, still alive in Europe, is about to be acquired by Lenovo, the third largest computer maker in the world. My first PC was a Packard Bell 8088 in the 80's -- before poor quality control issues tainted the brand in the US and they pulled out of that market.

~ Judge: "Internet vote-swapping is legal"

~ How many times can a person swim the Tiber?

~ Virgin American takes to the air today -- new low cost alternative on the West Coast of the US.

~ The reason that so many islanders end up in the military is that this is an impoverished area with few opportunities otherwise.

~ Most of the public and private schools on Guam started yesterday or today. This afternoon Kmart was packed with children in very crisp school uniforms buying paper, pencils, and whatever else that could convince their mothers that they needed.

~ Nonlethal weapons: Coming soon with a police officer near you -- an incapacitating LED flashlight which emits pulsating light rays in such a fashion that they cause disorientation, vertigo, and even nausea. Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha' gonna do? Whatcha' gonna do when the come for you?... Barf.

~ Dress for the upper-hand -- or why you don't want to hire me to close the deal.

~ How it is that Costco sells gas so inexpensively and continues to annoy the competition. I'm in favor of annoying the competition.

~ Lutherans are getting back to the Bible -- at least in the ELCA. Their general assembly has adopted a "sweeping five-year initiative to boost study of the Bible." 1,000 delegates voted for it and 19 against. (How can you vote against trying to get your church to read the Bible more?)

Hmm. I'm one of the few Bible toters at the Lutheran church we're a part of on Guam. It's not intrinsic to the church culture for some reason. When I preach here I can say, "look up such and such a verse..." and nobody tracks with me. They're just not used to reading the Bible much. I'm not sure, though, that a denominational directive will do the trick. It's got to be a grassroots thing.

~ Sell stuff! Online garage sales featuring homemade video classified ads are the new rage. Okay. enough is enough.

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