Thursday, August 9


~ Johnson & Johnson, the mega health care-products company that uses a red cross as its trademark, has sued the American Red Cross demanding that the charity halt the use of the red cross symbol on products it sells to the public. J & J has no problem with their non-profit activities but the Red Cross now has a small commercial operation to supplement the donations. This is an interesting dispute since the Red Cross organization has been around longer than J & J but J & J actually registered the trademark first. They've co-existed for 100 years. They'll work it out.

~ Double duty -- In Kenya they are stocking ponds with Nile Tilapia which eat malaria-carrying mosquito larvae -- AND the fish themselves are edible.

~ The global reshuffling continues. Now it's upwardly mobile, wealthy, and well-educated Latinos disillusioned with the leftist regime in Venezuela settling in South Florida. Little Caracas.

~ Yesterday the students picking up admission applications at PIBC were Japanese. Today it was a Korean woman. The potential for international impact continues to grow. This is a strategic place that God has parked us.

~ NASA has completed an eight week test of the BMW Hydrogen 7. How does this fit in with NASA's mission?

~ South Korea is banning travel to Afghanistan.

~ Everyone loves the Japanese. Australia says, "Please come back." Guam has a similar pitch these days -- since Japanese tourism to the island is down 4% this year. It's the economy and the competition.

~ Or maybe it's just their money. I guess the $6 billion negotiated by the US government wasn't enough. One way or another old Guam is still jockeying for war reparations.

~ The Russians claim to have flown two bombers over Guam. You know comrades, there are a lot of little islands out here -- and they look a lot alike. Are you sure you flew over the one with all the dumpy abandoned buildings?

~ Once I max out my gmail account -- I'm now at 45% -- at least I now know that I can buy more storage.

~ No, I don't want to join the "Pirate Party." I'm not really into dress up these days.

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Sean Meade said...

have you seen Lifehacker's guide to culling your Gmail. i went from almost 50% to 30% in an hour or two.