Thursday, August 30


~ Jacob Emeto and Martin Oky have finally been released from an Egyptian prison. I can imagine that back in California our friend Dan Johnson, who helped them survive the ordeal, is still on cloud nine.

~ "McDonald's caters to local palates" -- yes, as noted before, they serve Spam at the Guam McDonald's. And every restaurant which wants to stay in business on Guam, whether of the fast or slow variety, serves rice. It's strange to see the waiter at Outback Steakhouse delivering a heaping plate of rice to Japanese tourists. For supper tonight I had a cup of rice topped with chili at Wendy's. The globalized brands are the same but the local menus vary.

~ Is the future of global Christian mission in franchisers or facilitators? R G Lewis is always a stimulating read when it comes to mission and missions. My answer to his question is, yes.

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