Thursday, August 30


Jetsons Car~ Flying cars soon ready for take-off in US. Inquiring minds want to know whether they'll beat hydrogen powered vehicles into the marketplace.

~ My attorney has advised me that I can go back to golfing when I return to California. Now we just have to convince the golf courses to let me back out there.

~ PC Magazine's top 100 "undiscovered" websites. I must be 101. No biggie -- nothing that a few years of therapy can't fix.

~ Calvin College prof and student build a budget supercomputer they're calling Microwulf -- $2,470 -- 26.25 gigaflop/second. Now that we know that it can be done we're going to build one at PIBC so our students can do advanced research on MySpace.

~ "One Species' Genome Discovered Inside Another's" -- resistance is futile.

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