Tuesday, October 9


~ The latest on the government's closing of Vida Nueva in La Coruña, Spain. I'm not terribly worried about the congregation. Rob Reed has been building a cell church there and while the Sunday morning meetings are important they are in some ways secondary to their small group structures.

~ A third of all 30-year-old Italian men still live with their parents. The government is trying to do something about that. How do you say "protracted adolescence" in Italian?

~ Uncle Sam is hiring. I bet you could even get a job on Guam. There are about 3,200 federal civilian employees on the island. I keep hearing that there are 7,000 military -- but that number fluctuates and seems to be growing. (In addition 6,000-8,000 US Marines are supposed to relocate here from Japan in five years.) However, there are currently more GovGuam employees than US government employees. About 11,500 people work for the territorial government. The remaining 149,000 people here drive tourists buses, run mom and pop stores, or work as security guards -- mostly the latter. We probably have more security guards per capita than any place in the US. :-)

~ XLNC1, my favorite classical station in the San Diego area is getting ready to move to a new FM location.

~ Some of my students are grappling with the issues. In my world religions class I'm using the Insider Movement to push some thinking about the nature of religion, culture, and the gospel. I'm fortunate to have a good group of students to work with.

~ OpenOffice will be facing some new open source competition.

~ .asia a new top level domain has been launched -- too pricey, though.

~ Washington Post article about how short wave radio remains a major channel for spreading the gospel

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