Saturday, October 27


~ New home sales in the US were expected to continue to drop 2.5% but the Commerce Department reports they rose by 4.8% in September. The median new home price rose to $238,000, up 2.5% from August. Are things turning around?

~ How to turn Thunderbird into the ultimate Gmail IMAP client -- a project for when I've got some extra time. The IMAP option is now enabled on my Gmail account.

~ I woke up this morning with the song But the Cat Came Back playing in my head. What was I dreaming about all night? -- must have had something to do with being a camper at Frontier Ranch (which was called Frontier Camp when I was a camper there the first summer it was open).

~ More flashback to the 60's -- Skater Dater the 1965 short film that brings it all back

~ Roman Catholicism, which is the prevailing religion among Chamorros on Guam, is often pretty syncretistic meshing animism with Christianity. Here's at example of a RC official responding to a media question on whether one can believe in the ancient ancestral spirits and Catholicism, "...Go ahead, believe, but you can still be a good Catholic and believe in Taotaomona, you know."

~ "Accused speeder to cops: My GPS proves your radar gun is wrong" -- interesting trend -- that is, parents using GPS to monitor the whereabouts and speed of their teenage drivers.

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Rick said...

Brad, I don't think we've discussed this before; but we're the same age - I bet we were at Frontier Camp the same week that first year. What do remember about it - dates, speaker, names of camp staff, things that happened etc?