Monday, December 17


~ Enjoy! Sister Marsaia Kaster and Sarah Gardner singing “I Wonder As I Wander” -- Link

~ Sam and I are jammin' on the uke -- not exactly in the same league as Sister Marsaia and Sarah Gardner -- that's why it's a still photo. -- Link

~ I decided to decorate my blog for Christmas. In the upper left hand corner is a set of Moravian Stars (on loan from Wikipedia). In the Moravian Church these stars are used as Advent symbols. (They also remind those of us in the Covenant Church of our shared history with the Moravian Pietists.)

~ It looks like the Jul Goat of Gävle, Sweden is surviving the Advent season -- no fires. But it also looks like he might be getting a little cold under that snow. -- Link to Webcam

~ I moved into my new office today (a remodel of a PIBC apartment -- at the rear of our administrative wing). This time I have a window -- but no door -- at least not yet -- they're still painting.

~ I've been having a lot of trouble with Firefox hanging up recently. Anyone else?

~ Rick Mansfield suggests that the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was a papaya. Since discovering that the Bible says nothing about the fruit being an apple, I've lost countless hours of sleep reading between the lines and exegeting associated texts. And I've come to the conclusion that the fruit was a kiwi. Sorry, Rick. Don't ask me how I know -- it would take countless hours to explain -- and then you might disagree -- just take my word for it. I'd like to start a new denomination of Kiwinians but I'm seeing problems reaching critical mass. (Bear with me. It's the end of a long semester and I'm a little punchy.)

~ The rise of the ultra reformed tide in the American church continues -- City Seminary is a new school in the Sacramento, California area.

~ My friend Keith Hamilton is looking for a missionary type to become the new academic dean at Alaska Christian College. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you his email address (It's also on the "phone directory" on their website.).


Lukas McKnight said...

Hey Brad-
I've had no issues with Firefox lately (Mac and PC), but I have had issues with Safari (Mac only)- enough issues that I'm no longer using it on the Mac.

That doesn't help you, I know, but I thought I'd add anyway.

Sean Meade said...

hmm. position at ACC sounds interesting. if only i weren't worried about SAD...

Brad Boydston said...

Soldotna, Alaska is a beautiful place and the ministry of ACC is very significant. Keith is good at development and they've got great facilities. I'm sure that SAD would be a major challenge for some -- including me!

However, what we do on Guam is very very similar to what ACC is doing -- although we're a few years ahead of them in development. Lack of sunshine is not a challenge at 13 degrees north. And we have lots of opportunities, too.

Melissa Heck said...

Brad I think you should use webcam2 of the Jule Goat. Maybe a good fire would keep the poor goat warm.

And btw.... Keep the noise down would ya, neighbor?

Unknown said...

Firefox has not crashed (or given any other problems) since I went over to it - thanks to PIBC (meaning your) influence.
I am back in Bris - looking forward to seeing you guys in Cairns on Jan 7th.