Saturday, December 22


Pope and Tony~ Tony Blair swims the Tiber -- no surprise -- Link

Who knows -- he might even become a deacon someday -- Link

~ The death of Christmas caroling -- Link

~ The rise of African Pentecostalism -- MSN Video Link

~ This afternoon we made our traditional Christmas key lime pie (key lime pie is traditional for every occasion -- whenever we can get the limes). On Christmas we plan to go snorkeling in the morning (We believe that Santa is bringing us new masks and snorkels) and will spend the afternoon with friends -- maybe even sharing some of the key lime pie -- if it survives that long.

~ A Danish politician has staked a claim to the Swedish provinces of Skåne, Blekinge and Halland. Sören Krarup, a member of the Danish People's Party, argues that the provinces should be returned to Denmark after 350 years of Swedish rule. -- Link

I'm surprised that he's not also asking for reparations for the poor repressed people of southern Sweden whose descendants were forced to become Swedes 350 years ago.

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Lukas McKnight said...

Key Lime Pie is a tradition more should adopt.

I have a rule whenever I'm at a restaurant: if there's Key Lime Pie, I get it. Not all are created equally, but all are enjoyed.