Thursday, April 10


Three giant wind turbines integrated into the cool-looking design of the Bahrain World Trade Center have been activated. The turbines are expected to produce 10-15% of the power for the buildings. ~ Source

Thank you to Salem Communications for removing the IP block that kept Guam computers from listening to the Fish (95.5 FM, Honolulu) in Hawaii. ~ Link to previous post

"The beauty and culture of the Island of Guam" -- a very fine pretty straight forward and realistic local perspective ~ Link (via)

Gasoline is up to $4.07/gallon on Guam. ~ Source

We went to an incredible concert tonight featuring the Arts & Business Symphony Orchestra from Korea. The concert was sponsored by one of the Korean churches on Guam.

This is what makes Guam so much fun. In the morning I was working on a project at the Lutheran Church of Guam and the place was overrun with Chamorro, Filipino, and American military dependent preschoolers. In the afternoon I was at PIBC with Micronesians (and a few German missionaries). In the evening we were with Korean friends at a Korean orchestra concert where Korean opera stars were singing Carmen and Figaro in Italian. Guam is a rich crossroads of an island.

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