Tuesday, August 25


• To mark the 15 year anniversary of Mark Noll's landmark book The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, Gordon College and Eastern Nazarene College are co-sponsoring a symposium to explore the progress made in the area of intellectual excellence. ISTM that we've made some progress but that there is also a growing level of beer-drinking, pipe-smoking pseudo-intellectualism associated with evangelicalism (big hat -- no horse). ~ Schedule (.pdf) | Press Release

• Dave Noreen has a couple of great websites aimed at the underserved senior adult population (at least underserved when it comes to matters online). Senior Evangelism Partnership aims to provide resources for those working with seniors. Senior Lifestyle is a webzine for seniors.

• Great news! It's possible to eliminate malaria by 2050, according to Dr Joel Breman, senior scientific adviser at the US National Institutes of Health. ~ link

• Not so great news! The US budget deficit will be almost $1.6 trillion this year. And it is expected to eventually hit $9 trillion by 2019. ~ link

• I'm playing with the beta of the online NLT Study Bible update -- very sweet. Users are able to create and share their own study notes.

• James Chen has a really good intro to life on quirky Guam. I still love that place and the people there! In my ideal world I'd split my time between here and there. ~ link

5 ways to use salt and save money around the house ~ link

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