Sunday, December 27


THE third day of Christmas!

Shaun the SheepI RECEIVED a couple of Shaun the Sheep DVDs for Christmas. It didn't take but a minute or so to turn me into a fan. ~ link

NICE story in the Turlock Journal about the churches on the Westside of that city where we used to live. ~ link

ARE disinfectants training bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics? ~ link

Cheryl and BradCARRIE GILLETT posted this ancient picture of Cheryl and me on her Facebook page today. I'm guessing that it was taken when we were at Fuller Seminary in the early 80's. Although it could have been taken at North Park Seminary because we were with the Gilletts there, too. Anyway, that was blast from the past.

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Carebear1158 said...

It was at North Park