Friday, August 1


Toyota WingletMonday, August 4th is Coast Guard Day commemorating their inception in 1790. Hug a Coastie! They're the best! ~ Link

I saw on one of the military television channels this afternoon that some Coasties are training to become Navy SEALS.

Toyota has announced that they have an answer to the Segway --"Winglet" -- a trio of new "Toyota Partner Robots." They'll be doing field tests next year. ~ Story with video

Surangel Whipps has named Billy Kuartei as his running mate for Vice President of Palau. Billy is the pastor of the Palau Evangelical Church in Korror and is a board member of PIBC. I'm not in the least bit surprised. I'm sure that Billy would be a good VP -- and from what I hear the VP is often a choice to eventually run for president. ~ Link

Some people on Guam are concerned about the outbreak of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Chuuk, FSM. Four people have died. I'm not worried that it will spread to Guam. While we have a pretty sad health care system on Guam it is adequate enough to deal with this kind of thing. The piece of story that no one is addressing is that these deaths point to the dismal state of health care in Chuuk. This news should be heard as a cry for help. ~ Link

The new Reformed Catholic Church of Venezuela appears to be defying categories. They've been accused of being sympathetic to President Chávez -- yet they've also lined up with an independent Anglican-style group in the US. ~ Link

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