Friday, September 5

Voting on Guam

We voted for the first time in a Guam election today -- a primary. No surprise -- it was a truly unique experience. Of course, since they don't mail anything to you telling you where to vote you have to first figure that out. But once we did that it was pretty smooth sailing.

I don't think that we've ever had more friendly attention by poll workers -- explaining each step -- personally going over the ballots. Some of that is necessary because the ballots are printed with both the Republican and Democratic candidates on the same page (weird) -- and if you do any cross-over it invalidates the whole ballot. But the woman who explained it all did a great job.

Something I've never seen anywhere else is that candidates are allowed to put an electioneering slogan under their names on the ballot. That is actually somewhat helpful here because so many of the candidates seem to peculiarly have similar last names. Having their now familiar campaign slogans in sight is helpful -- strange but helpful.

The candidates are all out on the streets today with their waving parties -- and side-of-the road barbecues. Lots of activity. Guamanians take their politics seriously. Not much apathy here.

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