Saturday, March 5


> A LITTLE GENERIC but on target:
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An odd headline came to my inbox yesterday: “Pope exonerates Jews for Jesus’ death.” It was from the Associated Press, and I found it odd not that the pope had made clear that Jews did not have Jesus’ blood on their hands. It was odd that this was being reported as news now. ~ link
CONTINENTAL AIRLINES: No more free pretzels. Yeah, I've been wondering how they were ever going to keep that up. They must be spending at least 8¢ for each bag that they give away for FREE! (How is it that low-cost carriers keep giving away peanuts and pretzels but the higher cost full fare airlines can't afford it?) ~ link

BETTY FAIRFAX HIGH SCHOOL, just down the street from us, playing with their first senior class this year, won the Boys Basketball 5A-II Arizona state title last night. 65-60 over Chaparral in two OTs. This is the school's fourth year in existence and their first state sports title of any sort. Congratulations!

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